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Adam & Theresa

I've been lucky enough to be acquainted with the passion and the brains behind the vegan/vegetarian cooking blog, Yogi Kitchen. Don't they make a lovely couple? Both Adam and Theresa are dedicated Ashtanga yoga practitioners, as well as, healthy vegetarian/vegan food lovers. Such a great combo if I do say so myself. Based out of London, England, the one thing I can appreciate is their simple love for healthy food first. Though they eat mostly vegan they don't terrify me with their food dogma which can be a turn off. They have a beautiful way of highlighting the vast possibilities in their cooking, and leave the preaching to the wayside which is a highly attractive quality to those who may be curious in regards to all that vegan cooking has to offer. Above all, they make it fun and ooooh so inspiring! After one cooking class, I seriously couldn't wait to put some of what I've learned into practice!

The other great thing is they travel to Mysore every year, so if I am so inclined, I can pick their brains in regards to vegan/vegetarian cooking, and believe me, after eating their food my tastebuds approve. Heck, my tastebuds want to give them a standing ovation! For more information and cooking inspiration visit their highly informative blog at www.yogikitchen.com.

Also, on a important note, Adam is a highly regarded Authorized L2 Ashtanga yoga teacher out of London, Englad and offers annual retreats in Turkey. For more information visit his website at www.keenonyoga.co.uk.

Vegan Frittata 

Vegan Cheese with Cauliflower

Vegan Cr√®me made with Cashews 

In cooking class

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