Who Can Relate?


Somedays I wish I had an off switch, haha.

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Anna Lindegren said...

I can totally relate to that! My strategy is to put on a nice dress, and hope that people won't see the elephant walking on my head, (by the way it's grey and kind of angry). Probably it's seen anyway, but still I tried to show some courtesy.

I have recently found this blog, and I have read some really interesting and serious texts about being a daughter. Me and my mother had a really infectious relationship. In certain ways we are alike, and still our choices in life are so completely different. Two weeks before she died (6 years ago) she confessed everything that she and I know is true. She called herself a role model, but a negative one, and that's also being a role model, maybe, I don't know. Anyway, I have never felt loved by here, but after her death she has become a part of me, and I try to care of her in my way. She gave me a task, and that is to reconcile with her, so that I can live my life, still with an elephant on my head, and so forth, but anyway, trying! doesn't that count?

okey I am swedish so my english isn't the best (what would mum have said?) Still I try to make fun of the darkest spot, in a speechless mind.

anna lindegren

ces @ United Yogis said...

Oh it's soooo me! LOL!

Aspiring To Be...Me said...

That's SOOOOO me! Probably even worse lol...How do you make it go away...lol...


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