Ashtanga Yoga and Anatomy with David Keil


Above is a playlist of talks with Ashtanga yoga teacher, David Keil in regards to the Ashtanga yoga practice, specific poses as well as taking a look at anatomy. Good stuff all around.

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Anna Lindegren said...

I love this talk between two givers. Those days when I’m in a bad mood I tend to divide people into givers and takers. A taker is a person who is always questioning, who think he or she is smart. A taker wants to find something, a taker never want’s to leave a situation with a sense of loss, a taker is always counting on winning something. On the contrary a giver is someone who is happy to share what he or she has, without judgement and without craving rewards or wanting something. ,

When I’m in a good mood, I look upon takers as persons who are insecure and in need of concret answers to handle life. But still, a taker could be ever so annoying in their habit of never saying yes openly, of always watching matters with a critical eye. A taker is supposedly smart. I am a member of mensa. My iq is tested to be high. What does that say about me? Nothing more than that I’m good at doing iq tests. My iq hasn’t helped me a bit in life. I still have to say yes, to dare, to love, to take in before I refuse. I have recently become a yoga practitioner, I have had problems with almost every asana, to sum it up, I am not athletic. What does that say about my practice? Nothing really, it’s my practice.

Back to this talk between Stu Girling and David Keil. It’s so inspiring to hear two open givers with true intelligens, talk about important things. They give - that’s art!


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