A Defining Moment


Loose yourself.
Escape from the black cloud that surrounds you.
Then you will see your own light.
As radiant as the full moon.

~ Rumi

A defining moment. A time when a choice must be made. A culmination of experience, and living. Knowing that either I can walk down a path I've already walked, or choosing another. A moment of timeless knowing, as past and future rush forth as one, a receiving of clarity on what needs to be known.

I had this exact experience during my time in India. So much gathered for me to reach this point. A glimpse. A glimpse, how I tire at drawing in a certain energy. A pattern. A wheel of constant turning. Turning. Turning. No longer, I decided. This is insanity. At that moment, I told my friend, I want to choose different, and I did. As simple as that. No longer did I need the counsel of other people's opinions. In my heart I new. There was no doubt, not for one second. No regret. Not a single one. How could there be? I had a small taste of foresight. No longer fearing the unknown. I went with my heart, and what a glorious gift that became.

Somehow, we become comfortable spinning the same wheel. Like my wise friend used to always say..."We sit in shit because it's warm. But, we're still sitting in shit." I used to laugh when she would say this. What a revelation.

Listening and consciously letting go. When we choose the guidance of our higher nature, we never loose. Sometimes we get caught in thinking we know what it is we want, but the guidance within always knows what is best for us.

I laugh at my blindness. I've come to a point where this is possible. Finally, I banished the doubt I harbored then, and those who fed on it, and allowed it to continue. It's hard to believe how long I've ignored the strong impulses that have nudged me for so long. What a comfort to know it has always been, and always will be, patiently waiting for me to eventually listen. Trust. What a gift.

To witness this gift manifested in human form, to whom I've grown to love in a flash of instant, has taught me much, and has loved openly, fully, and completely. With the stillness of mind, I see you, and will forever be held in gratitude because of this gift. ♥u,DF.

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