Nonattachment Opens the Door to Wisdom


Words on Nonattachment from "Inside the Yoga Sutras," by Reverend Jaganath Carrera

Nonattachement Opens the Door to Wisdom
Wisdom is the ability to rise above the perceptions that are clouded by biased self-interest to discern the meaning concealed in a fact or event.

Nonattachment lifts us over the trees so that we can see the forest. If our attention is captivated by the disappointment we feel for a tree that has fallen, life in the forest can seem cruel and senseless. But if we expand our vision, we will see that this same fallen tree is returning needed nutrients for the forest floor as well as continuing to provide a home for countless creatures. Nonattachment frees the mind to rise above self-centered notions of the way of life so that we can glimpse the Divine Plan.

Understanding and working with nonattachment is a challenge but it is also highly rewarding. One day we will discover nonattachment's character as inner strength, objectivity, loving and caring, and the best way to enjoy life. Even a little success in nonattachment brings great benefit.

1.16. When there is nonthirst for even the gunas (constituents of Nature) due to realization of the Purusha, that is supreme nonattachment.

...Supreme nonattachment is based on having an inner experience so sweet, satisfying, and compelling that there is nothing on the outside that can compete with it.

I truly resonate with the last excerpt above. I can only begin to understand the meaning of this through experience and practice, and certainly reaffirms time and time again how desires in this life are fleeting at best, all the while, the richness felt inside stretches on and on, never ending, always giving, always loving...eternal.

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