One Practice - One Goal


"I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10, 000 times."  - Bruce Lee 

One practice. One goal. Is it possible in this yoga saturated world? Yes. If you look hard enough. If you look deep enough. I guess it all depends on what one is looking for. I found my practice, and it is interesting how it provokes interesting opinions in people. I am fascinated by this debate between the one practice. Between asana and devotion. The act of meeting yourself everyday brings a wealth of knowledge and knowing. Through our different experiences, our karma/dharma, what we face vary from person to person.

On the yoga journey there is much to filter through. Hacking away at the non-essential (I take from Bruce Lee) is a good place to start. The simplicity of the one practice, actively, we deal with the multiplicity of the mind. This tricky, finicky creature within, that thrives on chaos and division. The steadiness of the one practice is like it's kiss of death, slow or fast, depending on the intensity of our focus. 

Through boredom, plateaus, deep lows, and massive highs, cycling through the one practice has nourished my soul, unexpectedly. Yes, I've been seduced by the glory of more postures, modifications, short cuts and tricks, which keep the ego hungry, but the heart empty. The one practice has taught me to stay the course. The nectar of wholeness is ever present. What else could I need? Nothing. 

Handed down from teacher to student, we connect to the thread, which is yoga, thousands of years old. Parampara. Is it something to be improved upon? Not really. Is it something to be experienced? Yes! More than a bucket full of postures and techniques we enter into a space that has been handed down through a lineage that builds strength through time. Tried and tested, we only need to the take the steps to taste it's fruits. 

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