Ah. Everyday, when leaving the shala, I feel as if it's another tiny miracle that I made it through another practice session. It's been great. The energy in the room almost over takes me. The shakti energy is like a wave. It just might consume me if I don't ride it just so. Everyday is a lesson in transformation. For, how can you be the same afterward? I don't see how it's possible.

With feelings of hypersensitivity I've had to sit with the "stuff" intense practice brings about. Oh yes. My awareness has taken me to those places. You know. Those places we do all we can not to look at. Taken me to those places, and samskaras that simply need to burn away. It's time.

One cannot deny the essential part of what it means to practice yoga everyday. If I don't steadily take a look at the dark as well as the light. If I don't adjust and listen, then what's the point? Yoga is about life. Am I coming more alive or am I continuing to delve deeper into the turnings of the mind? Do I live in separation or do I live in unity?

I can see where even in the little things EVERYTHING matters.


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