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Shala Road - Mysore, India 2012

Reality does not require your explanations.”   - Lama Wangdor

It's been a over a month since coming back from India. I have found a new appreciation for living and taking this practice out into the world, better said, into my life. In many ways it's a luxury to spend that long only content with practicing yoga. Going inward through the process of more intense practice has served me well. Although, sometimes I feel it a bit self-indulgent. I've discovered this gem inside that has the desire to emerge, to create, and to serve. Yoga practice is a tool, and when centered around those who lament about it too much tends to take a tole on me. Again, it's such a personal thing. The whispers in my ear may manifest differently than the person practicing next to me. We all have this personal journey to tread upon. We must choose to keep our focus there and not be pulled by outside distractions and/or idle talk. Everyone has an opinion about everything. Blahhdy blah blah! Is it this, or is it that? People say, this is right, this is wrong. This is nonsense - this, oh yes, this I approve of! At the end of all this talk I say, WHO CARES! 

I can post a video on Facebook, I can blog about whatever I'm feeling and someone will find fault with it, even without knowing the essence behind where it came from. I'm tired of fault finding, I just want to live, and be inspired to create whatever feels the need to bubble up inside, and to also connect and understand. We can never claim to know the full scope of the story. Why the judgement? Whenever I'm provoked or feel resistance toward something it gives rise to the opportunity to look inside and see, what's got my feathers so ruffled? Through that, I can stand in greater appreciation of the outer world. I don't need to deny anything. And, through this level of acceptance I am better apt to take action. It is  much easier to talk a good game or to even write about it. What are you doing today? This is what I need to ask myself moving forward. This I know for sure. 

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