I've been on numerous planes this year. I always have to take an obligatory shot once ascended above the clouds. It's my routine. I have a deep love for travel. I actually enjoy hanging out in airports. There is something about being in a space where people are headed somewhere or returning home, including myself. Airports are great places to catch up on reading and people watching. I find so much enjoyment in it, ok, call me crazy, but it's true!

Warsaw! My first time in Poland. I taught an extended weekend workshop at Yoga Republic a beautiful space in the heart of the city. I highly recommend it. Going in, I had a vision in my mind on what Warsaw was like, and let me tell you, it was nothing I expected. Warsaw is a vibrant city with an abundance of culture a buzz with creative energy. I've been told its the new Berlin.

It really comes down to the resiliency of the people, as well, with Warsaw being leveled to the point of utter destruction, during the Second World War, you can imagine what the rebuild must have been like. Also, with the downfall of communism there has been a multitude of change and transition happening. Just a few years ago they lost their prime minister in a plane crash along with many of their top government officials. In light of that, Warsaw has been on an upswing and it's exciting to see. Truly, when a city carries on through tragedy and strife a new strength and energy emerges. I enjoyed the Polish people and found them to be warm and open, and at the same time, a sturdy steadiness seemed to be part of their innate nature. A good balance.

Pawiak Prison - Warsaw, Poland

When in a new place I always love seeing the sites, getting a feeling for what a city offers in terms of energy, culture, social structure and architecture. One thing I appreciated about Warsaw were all the trees and park areas available. I love a city with it's green space and Warsaw definitely had it's fair share. There are many new builds in the process, however at the same time, the maintenance of their green space in regards to city planning seems to be an important factor they take into consideration.

I'm looking forward to my next visit. Already a plan to comeback in October of 2013 is in the works! 

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Julia @ CLA Health Benefits said...

I hope you can visit there again on your planned date.How I wish I can be there too.


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