Sacred Ritual


Fear is the question. Love is the answer.

(Rain Bojangles)

Sacred ritual. A time of offering, a handing over, an alignment to a greater/larger power, in our daily practices. A practice that has continued to nourish me beyond what is comprehensible. As it should be. Going beyond the realities of time and space. Going beyond what is outside and taking me deep to the universe that resides within.

The daily showing up to the mat has taken me to a place of grander discovery to my surprise. No more is it about accomplishment. Somehow it's developed into a sacred place. It's become a sacred ritual of inner to outer connection. As I connect within, my physical body comes alive, fueled by conscious breath to conscious breath. Every movement has meaning. The turn of my foot. The bend of my knee. The gaze to my big toe has just of a significance as twisting, lifting, and jumping. All of it. Every bit of it, becomes scared, and in that, I loose sense of me, and become one with the movement, the breath, the experience.

Ahh. It's THAT, that brings me back. Every morning.

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