"It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom."    - Aristotle

Whew. The past month has been busy! I am just about feeling like I am settling into my new routine. This week I'm rounding out the fourth week of our brand new Mysore program at Yogayama! I feel blessed to be part of such an amazing place, right in the bustling Östermalm area of Stockholm.

Since arriving back from India in the beginning of February, looking back on it, I'm amazed how everything came together in such a short time. It's a testament to when the time is ripe, well, it is ripe. I had plans to start something, not knowing exactly where, and to make a long story short, the opportunity to set up shop at Yogayama simply flowed.

To the students who have jumped in with both feet, arriving in the mornings from day one, it's been a sincere pleasure. With continued focus to create a space for sustained practice I can't begin to explain what rewarding hard work it is. Teaching the Mysore method is the most enriching way for Ashtanga yoga to be transmuted. Often misrepresented, I am repeatedly reiterating, it isn't only for advanced practitioners. It is for any-BODY who feels the desire to learn this method. Young, old, athlete, non-athlete, thin, round, short, tall, sick, healthy - please come as you are. This is where the yoga journey begins.

My day starts at 3:00 am when the alarm goes off, then I prepare to practice. After practice, shower, get ready, catch the train and head to Yogayama to teach from 6:30 - 10:00. It's odd by the time 10:00 am rolls around I've already had a pretty full day compared to most. It's just a different rhythm. What I've found is if I'm not in bed by 8:00 pm then it can be pretty tough going for me to get through the rest of my day. I need my sleep! Ahhhhh. It is so important. I've never been one of those people who can get by on little. I mean, I've had my spurts where I can manage without much, but it doesn't last long.

With the new Mysore program just beginning to settle there will be new projects on the horizon, as well as more blog posts!  I haven't been around much, but I promise you, I am still around and kicking and will be writing more!

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bodyculinary said...

Congratulations from Brooklyn! So glad to hear that you've got your program started. I just got to practice with Sharath, who is here in NY. I only got to go this one day, but I'll take what I can get. My son, 19years old, practiced yesterday. Again, I'm grateful for each day of practice AND each teeny, tiny bit of progress and unfoldment that I glimpse every day. :) K

Jack said...

yoga has been one of the most slate-blanking, context establishing, and joyous routines of my life.


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