Ängsbacka - Ashtanga Yoga Highlights


It was such a pleasure to participate in the ÄngsbackaEaster Yoga and Dance Festival.  Even though I served as one of the workshop leaders, the experience was new and unexpected. All good of course. Ängsbacka is a well held secret in Scandinavia, offering a plethora of festivals and courses throughout the year that attract those from all over the world. From learning about permaculture, mindfulness, yoga, scared dance, spirituality, and much more, there is an abundance of offerings that promise a wealth of experience. However, most important, it's a place where anyone and everyone can feel welcome.

A sincere thank you to the talented Hanna Pauser Lindgren for putting together such a great video! Omg! It's so frightening to hear my own voice on video, hahaha.

I'll be writing more about my Ängsbacka experience in another post, and if you would like to learn more, please visit their website at www.angsbacka.com

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