Spring Arrival


If nature is your teacher, your soul will awaken.” - Goethe

Spring has been struggling in Stockholm. We had a few great days in March, a tickle, then BAM, it felt like winter again. Going through one of the coldest Aprils I have ever experienced, while closing out the month with a few warm Spring days, has made it well worth the wait. Lesson learned, don't take days like this for granted. 

What's been eating up most of my energy lately is jump establishing the Mysore program I started just over a year ago. In the beginning, it takes a fair amount of energy. More than I think most realize. At the same time it's been a labor of love. The growth I've witness in the students in the past year has gone beyond what I could have imagined. In many ways, it reaffirms the wonders of the practice. Again and again, I'm amazed how transformative it is when people dedicate themselves to showing up regularly. I mean, I have felt it in my own life, but to see it up close and personal in our students has been a rewarding experience. 

This go around it's been especially sweet with it being the fourth Mysore program I have taught over the course of 8 years. I've settled into steady place within myself, and in turn, feel better equipped to give and receive. I guess that is what comes over time with sustained practice. The learning always comes first, and well, the teaching stems from that. 

Even though I've taken to a very Swedish trait of complaining about the weather, haha, at the end of the day, I have multitudes to be thankful for. Synergy. That's what I've been feeling. A culmination of things coming together, right at the perfect time. 


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