Strawberry Milkshake
Strawberries, Dates, Oat Milk . . . Blended. Yum!

When the days grow longer and warmer I'm even more attracted to eating copious amounts of fresh, raw, organic foods. I agree with the ideal of eating more local fare, but sometimes I need a mango, haha, and well, I do eat a fair share of bananas. What can you do? Get creative, I guess. The best thing ever is when David and I decided to sign up for organic produce delivery. When we did, we were literally like, why didin't we do this sooner? Unfortunately, there really isn't a huge farmer's market scene in Stockholm. Or at least, that I know of. I mean, there are a few, but they pale in comparison to what I've been used to in the past, living in America. With that being said, per capita, I would say Swedes are a healthier bunch. Now why is that? You don't want me to go there.

Because of my fascination with diet and health I tend to experiment with food, within the confines of reason, and hopefully, common sense. I've just gotten wind of a concept of 80/10/10 way of eating. Wanting to keep an open mind, I like to hear differing points of view, and what I've come to realize is that anybody can make a compelling argument for anything. And well, I don't want compelling arguments, I want facts, and that comes with experience. So, I take a point in trying things out, do the research, experiment, and let me tell you, it can be confusing. There is definitely value in listening to my body, and opening up to my intuitive faculties. What feels natural? I can't always define things by what people think/feel I need and how I should be eating.

As for this 80/10/10 thing I want to learn more, maybe experiment with it. I don't know of anyone personally that has eaten this way. One problem is, it doesn't seem all that realistic living in Sweden, but whatever, I find it interesting. It's been a while since I've eaten mostly raw.

Anyone out there have experience with it?

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