Are you taking Triphala? If not, then once you learn a little something about this Ayurvedic wonder herb, you just might change your mind.

When first introduced, I took Triphala in capsule form, now however, I've graduated to ingesting it in powder form. I say graduated, because it does NOT have a pleasant taste. Not at all. But somehow, I've gotten used to the flavor. My roommate's boyfriend calls it gun powder ... hahaha

Anyway, take a look at some of the amazing benefits of Triphala!


Triphala, one of the most popular herbal preparations in the world. Triphala is used to help appetite and digestion, increase the number of red blood cells, and aid in removal of offensive fat in the body. Triphala can be used to clear congestion and headaches. Other claimed benefits include helping maintain normal blood sugar levels, as well as improvement in skin tone and colour. Triphala prevents aging, imparts immunity and improves mental faculties. It helps to detoxify the liver, restore digestion and purify blood. Triphala is widely used in a large number of medicinal preparations. It is also a laxative that rejuvenates the membrane lining the digestive tract and contributes to effective cleansing of the colon, a key condition in Ayurveda to maintaining optimum health.

Triphala is composed of three fruits, namely Harada (haritaki), Amla (amalaki) and Behada (bibhitaki). Triphala is available as a bulk powder or in tablets. The powder is generally used to make a tea, while the tablets provide a more convenient option for dministration. It helps in healing ulcers in cases of Pyoderma gangrenosum and in the treatment of Lipoma. Triphala can be used for constipation ,colon tonification, gastrointestinal tract, tonifier ,intestinal cleansing ,digestive balancer ,food assimilation support ,serum cholesterol balance ,better circulation , bile duct opener ,sluggish peristalsis ,antioxidant ,headaches ,kidney support and liver support. To help your skin make the most of Triphala's cleansing power, avoid eating too many heavy, deep-fried foods or rich desserts.

Triphala, being a made of all three, is therefore balanced, making it useful as an within cleansing, to remove the toxic quality of a substance formula for everyone including more sensitive type individuals and vegetarians. Triphala is also widely taken for all eye diseases including the treatment of redness of the lining of the white part of the eye , progressive myopia, the early stages of glaucoma and cataracts. Steep one tablespoonful of the powder or six capsules select in an 8 ounce glass of water overnight. Taken in this way for at least three months, Triphala becomes an herbal eye tonic. Triphala includes the three tastes that pacify the fire element--bitter, sweet and astringent. Triphala helps pacify Pitta and decreases the skin's vulnerability to photosensitivity.

Triphala provides overall support for the substance that aids digestion function and helps ensure that the digestive tract works at the optimal level. Triphala aids in digestion, relieves constipation, and helps regularises the digestive system. Triphala rejuvenates the digestive tract membrane and contributes to effective cleansing of the colon. Triphala prevents aging, give immunity, and improves mental faculties. Triphala helps to detoxify the liver and purify blood. Triphala possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties useful in the treatment of opthalmia. Triphala is used to prevent the development of a cataract, such as in diabetic patients. (source)

Below are ten golden benefits of triphala:-

· Firstly it acts as an antioxidant agent preventing any free radical formation in the body. This property of triphala helps it to prevent early aging signs like wrinkles and premature graying of hairs.

· Secondly it is helpful in regularizing the normal peristaltic movements that are very essential for proper passage of food from one organ to another. This helps in aiding the digestion of food in proper amount of time.

· Thirdly it acts as an appetizer as it helps in proper digestion of the food.

· Fourthly it is very effective in stimulating the liver for its functioning to the optimized level. More over it also helps in secretion of the bile juices that are very much required for fat metabolism.

· It is very much helpful in reducing the plaque formation in the arteries thereby reducing the risk of heart related problems caused due to arteriosclerosis.

· Triphala helps in maintaining the proper levels of the cholesterol in the body thereby preventing us from fatal and deadly heart problems. It helps in curbing the formation of low density lipoprotein (LDL).

· It is very much effective in suppressing any kind of infection or foreign invasion in the blood thereby helpful in preventing any kind of skin related diseases and other infectious conditions in the body.

· It is helpful in maintaining the proper secretions of the endocrinal system that are responsible for maintaining the proper homeostasis in the body and aiding the proper functioning of all the physiological processes in the body.

· It is an excellent remedy for eyes related problems and helps in improving the eye vision and strengthens the muscles of the eyes.

· Last but not the least, being a mild laxative it helps in evacuating the bowel and therefore is considered as one of the best body detoxifier and facilitates expulsion of toxins out of the body. (source)

Another good article on Triphala, click, here. Also, if you google it, and do a bit of research, you'll find an abundance of information on this magical, miracle herb. Yay!
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