Brick by Brick


"Love itself is the only real essence in our world. This leaves fear to be recognized for what it is in its totality, which is absolute illusion. No part of fear is real. It only seems real when our minds believe it and use it as the filter through which our lens of perception sees and consequently feels that people, things, and circumstances are trying to attack us. We cannot exist peacefully with some love and some fear; it is not possible."

(Take Me To Truth: Undoing the Ego, by Nouk Sanchez & Tomas Vieira)

The weather took a sudden shift this week. Cooler, especially in the early morning during practice time, and dryer too. Yay! My back loves it, lol. I guess this will only further prepare me for Sweden. And with that being said, the 2010 farmer's almanac states that middle America is gonna have a bitch of a winter, too. Fun times.

The Swedish studies are slowly plugging along. I keep reminding myself, brick by brick, little by little, progress will be made. It kinda reminds me how I felt when I first dived into the Ashtanga yoga practice, much of what I saw or attempted, felt out of reach ... but little by little, brick by brick, my body opened and I became stronger ... that little bit, everyday, goes a long way, in the end. So, I'm doing my best to remind myself of this as I take on learning a foreign language. I'm trying to enjoy the process.

The months since being back have flown by in a flash. September already! That means football season in Buckeye land, among other things. I've always enjoyed Autumn in Columbus.

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