It's Times Like These


"We are set on earth a little space to learn to bear the beams of love." (William Blake)

It's times like these, I feel I'm back to square one. It's times like these, that humble and inspire me to continue on, even though I can barely call myself a novice. Haha. Still getting there.

It's times like these that I realize I'm only at the brink of understanding, and that understanding isn't always everything. It's time like these where I feel I'm only at the beginning.

I'm astonished at how fast time seems to travel. Already, it has been over two months since being back in Columbus. Developments are still underway for my next move, and I've continually had to learn the meaning of patience.

In my daily practice, in the silence, between the inhale and exhale, again, it's all about letting go, even more. Who would have thought? There is always more to let go of. Even within the same sequence, I've played around with feeling, sensing each asana with wide open awareness versus a conjured up mental image of what or where I need to be, and it's interesting and fun at the same time. But another thing I've learned is that the practice isn't always gonna be fun, some days it's drudgery, but in the experience of dense energy, transformation always takes place and again we learn, we accept, we deal, we experience the fuel of tapas.

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