Full Circle


Day 5 in Taiwan. Hot and humid. I dare say it is hotter here at the moment versus KL. This go around I feel like I'm acclimating while taking the act of hydration seriously. Sweating during practice isn't an issue, obviously. Teaching, well, I sweat during that too. My last visit, for various reasons, I was thrown way out of balance and the raging heat didn't help matters. Mentally, I was in a different phase, now upon my return I feel more at ease and calm. What a difference a few years makes. Also, the fact of simply appreciating everything more, and not being so embroiled in what is out of my control. Maturity is another word for it, haha. It is always a hope that as the years go by I grow and center.

The students here are gracious and attentive. There is really no better word to describe it. Observing sincere willingness and the enthusiasm to learn can be quite infectious for a teacher. No matter what country, I can appreciate the various qualities that are brought forward. In my experience teaching yoga is about energy exchange. The synergy that takes place is often out of my control and many times I am lead by it. Or maybe a better way to describe it being a conduit of sorts. The intuitive guidance that comes seems to put all the pieces back together and fill in the gaps where needed. Often I wonder who is being healed in the process, me or them? In the giving and in the receiving there is an offering of wisdom that goes beyond what I can say in words.

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