It's Hot in a Pot


Taiwanese Hot Pot!!!!

Fruit Tea

Ironically, my beautiful hosts took me to a lovely restaurant just outside Chaiyi with a Scandinavian theme to the decor over a week ago. The food? Taiwanese. Thankfully, haha. In Asia, I often get overwhelmed with the depth and length of options available when it comes to food. Not only was there hot pot (one of my favs!) there were like 50 different types of hot pot I could choose from. What is hot pot? Well, it's like the best thing ever. Seriously. You get your broth over a potable flame and an array of ingredients to make a soup right at your table, usually served with a special sauce and rice. If you're a meat eater there is a wide range of options when it comes to that as well as seafood. Obviously, a copious range of vegetables are always on hand. I went with the vegetarian option offering a soy milk based broth. Delicious. The thing I love about hot pot is, it is not only tasty but also entertaining. There is something gratifying about having your veggies simmer in a broth right in front of you!

I end with this. Only in Taiwan . . . I'm taking one of these things home with me! Muahahahahha! Who wants one?! 

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