Kuala Lumpur Experience


Kuala Lumpur Skyline

Great View!


Two weeks in KL went by really fast. In a blink of an eye, I am already at my next destination, Taiwan. My second trip to the island nation, quickly I feel at home. On the inside I'm really Asian. You didn't know? Hahaha. Through the course of the last four to five years I've had the opportunity to explore various Asian cities and there is an abundance to take in and enjoy in regards to the cultures in this part of the world. Number one being the food, haha! I'm biased. 

Mangosteen! Delectable and Nutritious. Boo-ya!

Bubble Tea. My indulgence. Yum.

Green Tea. Ahhhhh. Love

Traditional Taiwanese Dessert

 Brown Rice with Hijiki. Macrobiotic and Organic

 Don't remember what this was besides a bowl full of veggies and rice. 

Throughout my travels there have been a vast number of positives taken from every place. The contrast of what I become accustomed to allows for growth and the opportunity to broaden my perspective. I welcome it even though there are times when it can be uncomfortable. Frustration can loom and at the end of the day I am simply better for the experience. 

Teaching in various countries what I find most interesting are the collective energies found in each community. Teaching in Taiwan again brings fond memories and new ones made while in Malaysia. Embracing a place enters into my cells and stays there. The sounds and smells bring it all back. 

I extend a huge thank you to Ashtanga KL for having me before my departure to Taiwan for two weeks. It was a lovely, intimate group who practice in the heart of Kuala Lumpur's city center Westin Hotel. Teaching Mysore is really where my love lies, even though I find enjoyment in the various workshops I teach. The practice is expressed in beautiful color no matter where I go. 

Chinese Buddhist Temple in KL city center

The beauty of KL is in it's diversity. An eclectic mix. A hodgepodge. Another type of melting pot. When I traveled by monorail to meet friends I was fascinated during the short ride. I saw an Islamic Mosque, a Chinese Buddhist temple, and a Hindu temple all in a short distance from each other. There's a pronounced muslim community and the city center is teaming with expatriates. I was told the Indian population was around 30%, although I don't know if that's exactly true. At any rate, it's a cool place. Even though I have never been to Singapore I've also been told KL is a bit edgier and not as organized. Travelers should be wary of bag theft as it is common place. I managed not to run into any problems. Just something to be aware of. Traffic is an issue. My only major gripe is it's not a city conducive for walking. A problem I have found with many Asian metropolises. Anyway, no two places are ever the same, it all goes back to contrast. A positive to traveling by car much of the time is I had the most lovely cab drivers during my stay. Maybe I was lucky or maybe that is another city trait that makes KL distinctly KL. 

KL night traffic from high above

Awesome KL coffee shop, Lokl

 Shopping, shopping, shopping. KL has it all.

 One of KL's many shopping centers, Pavilion

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