Thank you, Sarajevo


Last weekend I had the pleasure of traveling to Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina for the second time teaching and sharing the practice of Ashtanga yoga. Here yoga is new and on the fringe but nonetheless there are those that are offering it to the people. A country hit hard by war in years past still leaves its mark. Recently, floods have also ravaged the areas outside Sarajevo in and around the countryside.

It is a beautiful thing when the practice offers healing to those who have realized challenge on every level. Quite honestly I can't truly identify with how one deals with such tragedy and at the same time I have learned how resilient the human spirit is, that yes, life moves on no matter what.

I extend my gratitude to the budding Ashtangis of Sarajevo. Thank you for your hospitality. A big thanks to Mike and Aida for paving the way where it may not be the most popular of pursuits, but no doubt one of priceless value to their students. 

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asd7741 said...

You should come to Croatia as well :)


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