"The distinction is subtle, but it is the same distinction as between the mind and the heart, between logic and love, or even more appropriate, between prose and poetry.
A destination is a clear-cut thing; direction is intuitive. A destination is something outside you, more like a thing. A direction is an inner feeling; not an object, but your very subjectivity. You can feel direction, you cannot know it. You can know the destination, you cannot feel it. Destination is in the future. Once decided, you start manipulating your life toward it, steering your life toward it.
How can you decide the future? Who are you to decide the unknown? How is it possible to fix the future? Future is that which is not known yet. Future is open possibility. By your fixing a destination your future is no longer a future, because it is no longer open...
When you decide a destination, it is the past that decides. You kill the future--then you go on repeating your past, maybe a little modified, a little changed here and there according to your comfort, convenience. Repainted, renovated, but still it comes out of the past...
Direction is something alive, in the moment. It knows nothing of the future, it knows nothing of the past, but it throbs, pulsates, here and now." ~Osho

So...I have taken a bit of a risk...well...actually I have taken some tiny ones before hand...you know...to test the waters...before taking the plunge. Its funny...and scary...but going down this road takes a huge amount of trust...call me crazy...and maybe I have gone crazy...but this has been a whole new way of thinking for me. Well...actually...I have learned these concepts...and talked about them...thought about them...but to truly apply them is a whole other story...right? I mean...that's the part that makes your stomach drop. But, I have found once I keep that winding tape in my mind calm and see it for what it is...and go with my gut...It feels good...Like with anything...moving forward...its gonna take practice.

Speaking of practice...what can I say really? What can I say that I haven't said before...I arrive to my mat every morning just wanting to connect...plug in...Its funny how each posture only lasts 5 breaths...what an opportunity not to get attached to any one asana...and just flow with each connecting movement. No need to get stuck on a particular struggle of a certain posture...for you have to keep moving forward...connecting...plugging in...breathing. And, to know that what your presented with this day...or each moment is where you need to be...to feel...to become more in tune...and come to realize who we really are...in the simplest most basic sense. Yes...people want to know and stress such importance of what 'posture' I am on...or...what 'series' I am doing...and its no big deal really...for others to ask...but, I continue to be blown away by something deeper...that has shifted inside of me. Really, I have come to know that the invisible parts we dabble with in this practice is where the power is...and wow!! All I can say is...Incredible! Peace.

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