" is the Divine Mystery. Love cannot be controlled. It cannot be predicted. It cannot be enforced. It cannot be enslaved. It cannot be killed. It cannot be defined. If you would speak of the depth, the power, and the infinite genius of love, think upon its ability to end all duality. Love has no opposites. It cannot be captured, and yet it willingly serves. It is infinitely free, and yet it abides in captivity. It cannot be enforced, and yet it is the basis of all law. It is the bringer of truth, and yet it never judges. It is the seer of all things, and yet it never condemns. It conquers by surrendering. It rules by lifting up. Through its mastery of paradox, love ends all duality."

~ Love without End, by Glenda Green

In the game of love there are no winners and losers. The gift is in the act. Selfless. No need for expectation in receiving something in return. I will never regret loving someone. Never. Like everything I decide to do in life. I do it with my whole heart.

That is what breathes life into me. That is what feeds my soul like no other.

On the outside it may look as if something is lost. But how could this be? Never. As my heart breaks, then finally the light can shine through.

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