Throw me into the Fire


Right. So, it's been about a week since I've been in Mysore, India...and somehow it's felt like a month. Haha. I exaggerate. Anyway. With a weeks worth of lead primary, I'm looking forward for some mysore practice action. However, I'll be starting the week with a lead 2nd series class on Monday. Hmmmm. My body maybe be ready, but my mind...that's another story. The whole mental game is a challenge.

Being back feels great. This go around I know where most things are...I know the drill. However, there's always more to discover and new people to meet. So. Interesting times...and well, it all comes down to the practice. Nothing beats practicing in the shala. Nothing. A culmination of tradition, and energy makes for an amazing ride.

Yes. The ride. As I leave the shala every morning all thoughts and worries regarding asana are set aside. Then, time to remind myself what the real practice is about. On this day will I practice compassion?

Yes. Important stuff to contemplate all the while being able to laugh at it all.

Settling in has been fairly easy. I have two roommates. Tiffany and Giancarlo. We rented out a 3 bedroom aprartment, with a washer. Score! And, it's clean. Two things high on the priority list.

Tomorrow rest. Sunday, moonday...nice!!!

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