"Beauty awakens the soul to act." ~ Dante

Last weekend we were blessed with fabulous spring time weather. Spring in Stockholm unfolds in a slow and steady fashion. Like DF says, it's an emerging.

Sometimes moments of transition can be challenging and stressful...but, not always. Now, I'm learning to appreciate the beauty of transition and change.
If anything, isn't that what life is all about? The only constant is the change. And there will be plenty ahead, moving forward, no doubt about that.

I'm attempting to learn Swedish, and my mouth hurts because of it. Hahaha. Seriously. After a session of learning new words and constructing a few sentences I'm like...geesh...let my mouth rest! It's interesting how when learning another language I've begun to see the stark contrast from English. American English has a kinda of waaa....waaaa quality to it. It's flat. However Swedish has a melodic element that's completely foreign to me. Even though I make it sound as if it's a pain in the ass, in reality, it's fun.

Practice in Scandinavian country has been same, same, but different. I've practiced mostly at home with DF, but have also had the chance to practice in some of the local yoga studios. Stockholm has a fairly vibrant Ashtanga yoga community with an abundance of places to choose from, which is cool. Also, I got the opportunity to take class from Certified Teacher, Alex Medin who was in town for a stint. He was great, and very knowledgeable.

I've continued to practice up until Sharath stopped me. I've deepened, and am still adjusting to the temperament of my lower back. Quite honestly, everyday I'm just not sure how it's gonna feel. One day it's all good, to then, have the very next day be a bit of a nightmare. Ok. I exaggerate. But, I'm definitely going through a two steps forward, one step back kinda thing. However, I carry on, and breathe with the constant shifting in my back. Like I said before, it's the only constant.

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