Yoga is a highly evolved science. It is composed of a series of steps that begins with mastering the senses and culminates in the final reunion of the mind with supreme Consciousness.

Yoga is meeting and merging.

Yoga is a concise term that expresses the vastness of the practices a seeker must perform.

Yoga is the seed, the beginning, it is also the fruit, the culmination.

Yoga, when properly understood, invokes the experience that lies far beyond the borders of your familiar world.

Yoga is discipline, not in the sense of being crushed under a boulder that is rolling down a mountain but of being in the presence of the seer within.

Yoga is to know the Knower, to know the Witness, to know the One who watches your waking state, your dream state, and your state of meditation.

To know the Knower is Yoga.

~ Swam Chidvilasananda

2 Insightful Comments:

matea said...

nice! do you happen to know why we put our right leg over our left just about always in ashtanga? hehe.

Peaceloveyoga said...

Well...from what I know, folding the right leg in first for lotus has something to do with it being better for the internal organs. However, there is a percentage of people who have their organs in the reverse...example being that the heart will be left of center versus, in that regard I'm not so sure what's better or if it really matters all that much. Hahaha.


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