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Well...Let's just say I have been slacking a bit with my blog...missing several days of entries...but that doesn't mean I haven't been doing much. I been out exploring more...experiencing Mysore...adventuring out of Gokolum...seeing the sights. Not to worry though, I am still a yoga bum. I am very proud of that. I just wasn't doing a good job of it the last several I am wiped out. That good tired you get from feeling like you experienced something new!
Also, since being here I have had a bit of digestive issues. I won't go into detail...but food hasn't been sticking to me all that much. I've lost a few lbs...but I still feel healthy. I have just tried to back off on some of the spicy foods...even though I love it. However, things have leveled off...stomach is feeling so much better today.
Along with yoga practice...I enrolled in a Sanskrit reading, writing, and chanting class at AYRI. We meet 3x's a week, and that has been enjoyable. Might as well learn as much as I can while I am here. I met a bloke (I had to say that) from Australia who knows someone who teaches copoeria too...I will be checking into that while I am here as well.
So, I thought the fact that I am far from the States that my shopping addiction would subside while in India. WRONG. I love it. I have been going a little overboard and its only been over a week since I have been here. I really need to pace myself...and my money! I am sure the novelty of it will wear off at one point. However, I promised today that I am done for at least a month. I mean I have bought clothes (Fabindia...I highly recommend), jewelry, pashminas.....books...I gotta stop. Seriously.
Me and my friend from Thailand did some dead serious sight seeing in and around Mysore...which I will go into detail in my next entry...its getting late and I need to be up at 4:00am for yoga class. Peace.

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