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Its been a long time since I have posted...for one reason only...I was paralyzed. Not in the physical sense of a deeper sense. Just, to update...during Tim Miller's fabulous workshop I had quite a few valuables stolen from my purse (cellphone, digital camera, iPod, LV clutch...and some damn good lip gloss!)...but the most valuable thing taken was my passport and visa...for my trip to India! I would of traded in more just to have that back at the time. So, after this happened I was seriously in shock, and dismay...what am I gonna do? I felt hopeless...! But that inner voice was like...your gonna make that matter what!
So...of course after this all happened I had to find the meaning behind it. I know...sounds pretty annoying...huh? But, so many things ran through my this a bad omen? What's the lesson? Did I karmicly shit on someone? (I stole that from AY). However, it doesn't have to be that complicated...maybe the lesson is just that...Don't leave your purse unattended!!!! That's a good lesson. But truthfully a couple days before the event I was experiencing alot of doubt about myself...and my journey...and I felt very alone...scared even. I had no inkling of the flood of love and support that was to follow...even now I am in awe by it. It was almost like the universe was showing, are supported, and loved...and your never ever alone. It doesn't have to be that way...
So, in perfect Laruga fashion...I just barely made the skin of my teeth! My passport and visa had to be hand delivered to me at my layover in NYC. Talk about a nail bitter to the very end. Seriously, when I got on my plane in Columbus...I'm sitting back thinking okay! I'm off! Until, I hear the pilot say..."I can't get it to work!" That is something you never want to hear before your getting ready to take of for the blue skies! So, we had to wait for the mechanics to install a part for the pilot's control panel. I'm just sitting there thinking...I gotta make my check point to meet the courier who has my passport between 8:30-9:00am. Of course, I make it to JFK international late! But, not to worry...the courier was kind enough to wait (he better for $200)...It almost felt like some kind of drug deal...anyway...the courier was super nice and he was kind enough to help me make my connection. Bonus!
Right now I am utterly exhausted from the 12 hour flight from NYC to Dubai...for I barely slept a wink...and I think I watched 5 movies straight. Yes! I started with Little Miss Sunshine, then Dream Girls, following The Queen, The Departed, The Holiday, and The Pursuit of Happiness. Omg! That's six!
Just as a side note...Emirates Airlines is first class all the way! The best airline I have ever flown...and their flight attendants don't walk...they glide! Its too much! So I am patiently waiting to make my connection to Bangalore, India...with little or no sleep.
I am stepping into the unknown...and I can't think of anywhere else I would rather be!!! Peace!

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