Hot Times in the City


"The everyday practice is simply to develop a complete acceptance and openness to all situations and emotions, and to all people, experiencing everything totally without mental reservations and blockages, so that one never withdrawals or centralizes into oneself.
-Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

What a learning experience is has been being this far from home already. For one, I have never met so many people from all over the world in one time as I have here...and it proves how alike we all really connected we separation...and it makes me wonder how the world can be so divided too. I mean, we all want the same things right?...essentially to be happy, to love and to be loved, to feel freedom. It has been so interesting. The other day I met an older gentleman from Iraq who was visiting his son at the university. We had a wonderful conversation...and he couldn't of been more kind and gracious. Of course, he asked me if I liked George Bush. I simply replied that he wasn't my favorite president...he laughed at me. We continued to have a pleasant conversation...talking a little on politics but that proved to be boring and mundane after while...soon things shifted to the good things in life. I was amazed how much dignity and grace this gentleman had...and he seemed truly happy...never being negative at all toward me or where I was from. Pretty cool. Life can be so simple if we allow it.
Yesterday, my new friend and I did some serious sightseeing...we were on a mission! First we went out to Karanji Lake. It was very peaceful out there...nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of Mysore for a bit. After that we had our auto-rickshaw driver take us up Chamundi Hill...which is one of the eight scared hills of India. It was very crowded...being it was Saturday. I was surprised that the place was inundated with monkeys!! I hear they can be quite aggressive at times...but today the seemed to be having a good...very peaceful. I took lots of pictures of the temple...there must of been several hundred people waiting in line to get in...I decided to make my visit inside another day. However, the view of Mysore a top the hill was spectacular! You could see just about everything up there. Afterwards, we ventured out to one of Mysore's palaces...and you'll have to excuse me for a forgot the name to the place. It was a beautiful building...they just don't make'em like they used to! Of course, to top it off we did more shopping! Good grief!!
Practice this morning was another led class. I don't know what was going on with me but after practice I was exhausted...very tired. Hamstrings were unusually sore again. However, Tim did tell me that in Mysore first month, tired...second month, pain...third month, flying! Looks like there will be a challenging few months ahead. Today, tired...very tired. Peace.

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