I'm Finally Here


I made it to India! I made it to Mysore. I still can't believe I am here. After having wanted to come here for a long time...I have only been here for roughly a night and two days and it seems that much time has passed. Let me just back up for a moment. On Wednesday evening 5:15pm I touched down in Bangalore International Airport. Let's just say that for a city of this size there was only one working baggage claim...so it took a while to get the luggage. Then a trolley quickly...I don't know how it happened takes my bags and walks me out the airport. Some how he swindles me out of 500 rupees. Just a tip...Never tell anyone its your first time here! No matter, you live and learn. When I reserved a taxi...I was instructed to look for my name one a sign board just outside. I walked out and I swear there were over 100 sign boards starring at me and that's a conservative estimate!! If I wouldn't have been totally out of my mind I might have freaked out...but I swear I was so tired that a bomb could of gone off 10 feet in front of me and I wouldn't have flinched. Luckily, I found my driver and we were off...but not quite...because the traffic in Banagalore is INSANE! Some how there is a method to the madness. But, oh my! I have never seen anything like it! There seems to be absolutely no attention paid to any type of traffic laws or regulations that one sees in the States...And the honking is constant...people play their horns like instruments here. Its a sight to see...and of course, with in all the mix of cars, autorickshaws, and motorcycles...every once in a while you can see a cow chillin' in all the traffic (cows are sacred here) ...I saw a camel too!! Amazing! It took about 3 hours to get to Mysore...however I swear half of that time was just getting out of the Bangalore craziness. The whole drive I was in and out of consciousnesses...after while all the honking didn't faze me.
I stayed one night at the Green Hotel...I don't think a shower ever felt so good! The staff offered me dinner...but literally I was so delierious that I refused...I couldn't wait to crash. The next day I was able to check into Shakti House, where I will be staying for the remainder of my 3 month stay. I couldn't be happier with it. My room is large and spacious, I have my own bathroom...its a very nice place. Later, I was able to register at AYRI...the shala is awesome...not exactly what I expected. I had this full circle moment...like...I'm here...finally...I made it! I took my first class the following morning...Lead Primary (Friday)...and the shala was already packed even though I left early. I should have known...being with a group of ashtangis. Always a very enthusiastic bunch! So, I was way in the back...but I couldn't care less...I was here! Hooray!! Practice and all is coming...right?! Peace.

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