"...I was thinking about another kind of river, one that runs through every one of us, no matter where we come from, all over the world. Its the river of the heart's desire. Its pure, essential truth of what each one of us is, and can achieve. All my life I'd been a fighter. I was always ready, too ready, to fight for what I loved, and against what I deplored. In the end, I became the expression of that fight, and my real nature was concealed behind a mask of menace and hostility. The message of my face and my body's movement was, like that of a lot of other hard men, "don't fuck with me." In the end, I became so good at expressing the sentiment that the whole of my life became the message."
-excerpt of Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

Lately I have been distracted...with other things...with a certain someone...someone who I feel is incredible...so I will leave it at that....for the sake of not going off the deep end...not that I am holding back...but I am just soaking this one in...my feelings that is...Peace.

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