The Journey


"We don't know all the reasons that propel us on a spiritual journey,
but somehow our life compels us to go.
Something in us knows that we are not just here to toil at our work.
There is a mysterious pull to remember." -Jack Kornfield

This morning was the first day of Mysore style practice since the shala reopened. There are about roughly 60 registered students here and a total of a 100 are to be expected from what I hear. So, practice times are staggered. I was scheduled for 5:45am...but I made sure I arrived 15 minutes early...because AYRI time is always 15 minutes ahead...again this is something that I picked up from someone else. I just do my best to follow along, because I am clueless! No doubt. The main room was packed and filled with steam...from all the tapas being burned! I sat and waited in the sitting area to wait for a space to open up. It didn't take long even though there were several others ahead of me. All you do is wait until you hear Sharath or Sarawati shout "one more!!"...while a student quickly moves on into the main room to fill the spot. Its really amusing! I love it. It doesn't take much.
Practice was great. The room was already so warm when I arrived that I felt little resistance in my body. The ujjai breath that filled the room helped to make it feel like the room its self was breathing. It made so easy just to get into that space...and flow. I have no complaints. Again, I am just glad to be here...right now.
Living in Mysore or Gokolum really, which is an of shoot of the city, takes some getting used to. Obviously, life here is very different from what I am used to. However, I am really loving it. I love the climate. It seems to do me well. Tropical climates do me well. I love it. There is a quaintness here that is so special and something that isn't often experienced in the states. Also, I love that I get to walk to many places. Back in Columbus it is hard to survive without a car. Which is too bad. We always have metal and steel that separates us from day to life vs. mixing things up and interacting with one another more often. Peace.

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