Yoga Bum


This has been fabulous. The last several days I have totally turned into a yoga bum. Something I have always dreamed of...because much of my life has been go! go! go! Well this really isn't the place to do that. Even if I tried. Especially with the days leading up to my trip...I completely stressed myself out with everything. So, I am giving myself permission to unwind. No expectations, no plans (except to make morning yoga), no doing, doing, doing. I wish I had all these adventures, and escapades to talk about, but I would be making it up...that will come later ;) There will be plenty of time for all of that.
Yoga this morning was delightful. My hamstrings were a bit sore, but nothing that couldn't be worked out. I continue to do primary, which is to be expected, and may be all I do my next 3 months here. We'll see how it goes. The ritual of getting up before the sun, walking to the shala, practicing, drinking coconut water afterwards, and taking rest has been really enjoyable. Simple pleasures. Then after taking a short nap after practice I eat breakfast...which takes about an hour to two hours. Believe me this has been completely foreign to me...but I love it. I could possibly live this way forever.
Many yoga students that I have run into seem to have a similar story. I have already met some who have all of their belongings in a storage I am definitely not alone in my plight. It is so freeing and inspiring to hear someone say..."I may stay here for a couple months or so...and we'll see what happens...maybe I'll jump over to Thailand for a bit...maybe I'll travel up north." I like the idea of being more free spirited and making time to see more of the world...getting out of the bubble. I really feel this trip will be a jumping off point for me to see more possibilities in my life...and that is really exciting. Peace.

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