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"The 'secret' of life that we are all looking for is just this: to develop through sitting and daily life practice the power and courage to return to that which we have spent a lifetime hiding from, to rest in the bodily experience of the present moment--even if it is a feeling of being humiliated, of failing, of abandonment, of unfairness."
-Charlotte Jako Beck

Practice today compared to yesterday, was like night and day. Instead of feeling like a got hit by a truck (yesterday) I felt light as a feather. That is what daily, consistent practice brings...a whole gamut of stuff...sometimes we feel, heavy and weak, sometimes we feel strong, sometimes we feel like nothing hurts...other times everything hurts. That is just life. There are always ups and downs...the key is how we react to them. We decide...because its always a be in a state of grace...or do we resist and push against? For every circumstance the day brings weather joy or sorrow...there is a lesson to be learned...there is a chance for growth and expansion. Of course, I am still learning these lessons...and my daily practice at the shala has been very interesting. Like for instance today I was a little put out because I was placed right by the door...where all the traffic moves in and out...and a drafty cool breeze comes in. These little annoyances are good...its good to be out of one's element...its good to be a bit uncomfortable at times...then I can see if the yoga is really working. Thankfully, once I was started breathing and moving...nothing else mattered. This has been the theme of my life this year thus far...go to those places that are not so comfortable...and see what comes of may not be so bad. I just may be better for it. Peace.

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