Practice today was normal...which was fireworks or anything. But, something must have shifted because I felt such a strong sense of peace today...a subtle underlying sense of peace...and just observing it...I was like wow...this is pretty is nice. It just feels good. The thing is too...I have had the pleasure of being inspired by others. Whether its just their presence or something that has been said that strikes me at the right time...I dunno...Its an amazing thing to be receptive...just to be receptive to whatever is brought up to the surface. I have had the opportunity to do as such...I had a massage yesterday with Kumar...who works the body physically but also picks up on emotional connections in the body. The interesting thing is he brought up the exact same issue that another body worker brought to my attention...some of you may know Lisbeth in Columbus. I just sat there with my mouth hmmmmm...I need to really address coincidences right. Amazing, how you think your over something but it still gets stuck...this incidence was something significant in my childhood. Something that until now I finally connected into something tangible that I can really start to feel and understand. I get this crazy sense that I just want my soul to be torn something is about to explode inside into a brilliance that only I can understand or may make no sense...but I feel it...and I have felt it bubbling for about eight months...and it just may pop sometime soon. I mean...we are so much more than what happens to us...right? We are so much more than we can ever verbally explain...Its the power that we share that can be the most frightening of all...but it doesn't have to be...not anymore. I may not seem like it when reading the newspaper...or watching the evening news (crap)...but there is no better time to be alive than right here...right now. A wise person once told me that "we are the ones' we have been waiting for..."
So with that being said...tomorrow is a moon day...I just might get a little silly tonight...Its a full things just might get down right stupid...He!he!he! Peace.

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