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So far I am enjoying Mysore quite nicely! I feel like I am finally settling...taking everything in one moment at a time. I do need to pace myself however, since I will be here for 3 months. No need to rush and try to do everything at once. Sleep is still a little off...but it gets better and better with each passing day. I have already met some very interesting people from all over the world...which is to be expected. However, the Americans I have met don't seem to be too found of our country...but, I haven't met everyone. The other yoga student who rents from where I am staying is from England. I am so easily amused by him, especially when he says brilliant, bloke, or rubbish! Doesn't take much to get me tickled over it. He was kind enough to walk me to AYRI to get registered and everything my first full day here.
Last Friday I met a trio of girls who are from Thailand while I was having dinner at Anu's, which is a fabulous place
to eat here in Gokolum catering to yoga students. I am not sure how it happened but they talked me into going to a dance club. First off, I had no idea there was any type of night life here...that was a bit of a surprise. So, the next thing I know I am on the back of one of those dreadful motorscooters that I swore I would never get on. I white-knuckled it the whole way there, hanging on for dear life. It wasn't that I didn't trust the driver....I just don't trust the other drivers on the road. Driving doesn't make sense here. Again, there just isn't much adherence to traffic regulations. However, I am told that not many accidents happen. Interesting. So, this dance place was a scream. It had all the decor anyone would see in a club in the states...and they played decent music...I had no idea! Kind a funny. Some drank cocktails...but, I didn't...I was still trying to pull myself out of dehydration from travel and getting used to the heat. But it was a good time...I met some very nice people there.
Saturday, I did a bit of shopping with my house mate...wandering around the area. It was a good relaxing day...no worries.
Practice this morning...lead primary again. Sharath opened the gates a bit later than normal. Of course there was already a decent group of students patiently waiting when I arrived. Like I said before...a motivated bunch! Not uncommon for Ashtangis! I was warned before hand that some can get pretty territorial about their spot in the shala. So I just went straight to the back...(don't want to make waves) where I am in the room is the very least of my worries in life and practice. I'm just glad to be here. Practice felt so much better vs. Friday because I felt like I inhabited my body this time. I didn't realize students would be stopped in a lead class...while they just sit and wait for finishing postures. Interesting approach. I had no idea this was done in a lead class...only in Mysore class. Interesting. However, I squeezed by without being stopped...we'll see how it goes when Mysore starts tomorrow.
So far everything has been great! Its the life ya know...get up do yoga, then drink out of a coconut! Thats all I have to worry about everyday for the next 3 months. Love it!

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