Today, being Friday, practice was lead Primary Series...but it was a very special day...because Guruji came down after class for the first time after being ill. Unexpectedly, I was flooded with emotion...and my heart was truly moved. Sarawati was helping him walk into the office so he could sit at his desk...and she beamed with joy and happiness. She simply said "Guruji is here," as she touched her heart. It wasn't exactly what she said, but how she said it...all of this really got to me. Once, everyone in the shala noticed he was in his office, of course, we all wanted to pay our respects. Everyone lined up outside the office. Let me just say what a presence he has. Some commented on the weight he had lost...but he looked so happy. There is a light ...and aura that surrounds him. Not only do you see it...but you feel it...which is much more powerful...more true...when you feel it in your heart. He looked beautiful...with a true face of a yogi...smiling ear to ear...smiling with his eyes...and that smile never seems to cease. I was touched and taken by the moment. This was more than I could ask for...and to be able to say thank you...just to simply say thank you to a man who...without knowing him on a personal level has so positively changed the course of my life with his unwavering commitment to this powerful practice of yoga...I will forever remember the first time I met Guruji. Peace.

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