"Everybody comes from the same source. if you hate another human being, you’re hating a part of yourself." (Elvis)

Today marks my 33rd trip around the sun. Lol, I like to look at it that way. I did a bit of research on the number 33 and it seems to be a number of completion. Also, 33 = Truth...hmmmm, interesting. I like. Also, 33 is the age Jesus was crucified and 3 days later resurrected.

With that being said, I feel as if, yes, a part of me is ready to die, while in the same breath I'm ready to be reborn. What a lovely profound feeling. The more I let go, the less I suffer, and have the space and capacity to know and feel Love.

I've felt an abundance of love on this day and I thank all who made it possible. Love you all!

5 Insightful Comments:

Maya Ahu said...

we are 1 day 1 year apart!

Peaceloveyoga said...

OMG! How cool! Virgos Unite!! xoxo.

Tracy said...

Virgos Unite!! Love seeing you bloom girl! xxx

Peaceloveyoga said...

Thanks! You're sooooo awesome !!!

(0v0) said...

Love this sentiment. Happy 33.


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