Love & Fear


"There are only two seeming realities in this world and one of them is an illusion. There is either fear or love. Where there is fear there can be no love. Where there is love there can be no fear. Love cannot co-exist with fear. Fear cannot co-exist with love. They are mutually exclusive. There is at any given moment all fear or all love. There cannot be a fearful love or a loving fear."

(Take Me To Truth: Undoing the Ego, by Nouk Sanchez & Tomas Vieira)

I absolutely love the above the excerpt from the book I'm currently reading/studying. One thing I can appreciate is when a book of this nature cuts through the frilly bullshit and gets straight to the point in a fairly gentle way. Why sugar coat it?

There really isn't much to say beyond what has already been said above ...
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