Less Effort


"Everything flows." (Heraclitus c.500 BCE)

The last 6 months it's been interesting, and strange, because I've been receiving intuitive flashes while practicing. Insights. No lightening strikes or harps playing in the background. More like a whisper in the ear. Very simple and straight forward. Clear and to the point. Like in Mysore, when I clearly heard "squeeze your ass," when doing karandavasna. Which, by golly, really worked for me! These whispers aren't necessarily reverent in nature either, lol.

This week, however, the theme has been all about less effort. Effortlessness. When feeling out of flow, I've realized, is when I need to pull back, continue with the breath and focus. No need to work at it. Showing up is enough, and everything seems to flow from this place. Practice. Practice.

Tuning in. Grace is constantly flowing to us everyday, all day, all the time. We only need to be receptive to it. Stepping out of the way - breath, bandhas, dristhi, vinyasa. Easy enough...no? We can take our difficult postures into life. What to do? Breathe, be present. Oh no, this person rubs me the wrong way. What to do? Breathe, be present, observe truthfully.

Fascinating how it all works, as I continue to discover and feel what it's like to tune in. I've been experimenting with my strength a bit, accessing jump-throughs and jump-backs differently. Approaching postures with curiosity has a way of keeping things light. There will always be times of challenge, but doing so puts everything in proper perspective.

Balancing ease and effort is a delicate practice that requires presence most of all. The juice is in the subtitles. The mind stuff has a way of weighing us down. Once free of aimless thought, a sense of limitless abundance is all around to experience.

Now, if only those intuitive impulses could give me some winning lottery numbers....hahahaha. I'm shameless.

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