Irreverent in the Reverent


The less you open your heart to others, the more your heart suffers.

(Depak Chopra)

Lately, I've gotten into interesting conversations with fellow yoga practitioners, teachers and students regarding the unfolding that naturally happens within a yoga practice. Often, in the beginning, we can get caught into the trap of what we think a yogi is supposed look like. Bombarded with ideas of vegetarianism, brahmacharya and whatever else, there may be a sense of trying to fit into an ideal that resides outside ourself.

"Spiritual evolvement has little to do with being good and everything to do with being authentic."

(Take Me To Truth, by Nouk Sanchez & Tomas Vieira)

The more I delve into the varying degrees of philosphy and learning, I've come to the conclusion that it all begins and ends with practice. Through our own unique experience we meet our True self that shines through in a myriad of ways depending on the individual. As long as we do that, it's all good. From the practice, things have a way of shifting and changing. We may decide to eat differently, or approach relationships with others with more openness and understanding, all of which are born from connecting on the inside. Things come in, things fall away. When seeing more clearly we make better choices.

After years of practice, yes we may still get road rage, we may cuss, we may indulge in our vices, but the important part is that we continually be truthful with ourself, honoring what it is we are feeling and move forward with compassion, and vigilance, to that which keeps us clear and of service.

Even in our most irreverent moments we can find the reverent with whatever is, no judgment. It's in the judgment itself that holds us back and doesn't give us the opportunity to see clearly. No needing to get caught up in societal standards of where we are supposed to be in life, and how it is supposed to look, we then can live on our terms, while still staying connected to what is real. And that's freedom, my friends. Because really, yoga, the practice of yoga, is about union, connection, and from there liberation is born, revealed or even recognized.

When we tap into our inner freedom friends may not be comfortable with it, but we still must press on. Our family might think we're crazy, but so what, we can still be an example of love. When free of the conditions, life has new meaning, we're finally living.

The yoga path isn't about fulfilling some image, it's about fulfilling our own unique destiny. Being authentic. Simply being. It's doesn't take more than that, it doesn't need to, because nothing needs to be grasped for, it's already there, ready and waiting.

I can stand, strong and steady, aligning to the force that surrounds us, emanating through us, and then, everything start to flow.
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