Low Maintenance


The good life is inspired by love and guided by knowledge.

(Bertrand Russell)

Besides drinking roobios tea like it's going out of style, this girl needs a haircut. Haha...sorry to report, but scissors haven't touched these tresses since last December. Whoa. Talk about taking low-maintenance to a new low, low, lol. When I got my last cut I was hanging out in Bangkok before heading to India. Yeah, I took a crap shoot, because as many know, I'm a curly head, and well, there aren't too many curly heads in Thailand, or all of Asia for that matter, and wow, I actually got a decent cut from a local hairdresser there. He just smiled, like most Thais do, and was like no problem, while inside he was probably like, wtf. Things like this really tickle me.

Anyway, even though I've let some things go to the way side, it's all good. I'll get myself pulled together soon enough. Haha. But really, I've learned how to scale back, I mean really scale back and simplify. Born out of necessity, I've thought to myself, why haven't I done it sooner anyway? The less I have, the more there is for the really good stuff. The less stimulus, the more I feel alive.

There's really something to this simplicity thing.

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