Not Knowing


What your heart thinks is great, is great. The soul’s emphasis is always right.

(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Sharing an excerpt from the book, Take Me To Truth, regarding not knowing, being in a place of openness, and often uncertainty, that really struck a cord with me. I've had to learn time and time again how to sit in a place on not knowing, which is never easy, but getting easier. It makes me wonder how I ever had the energy to want to control so much in my life before.

Humility and open-mindedness are precious to us. The journey of ego-release takes us headlong into a dimension on not-knowing, the absolute opposite of the ego's compulsive need to know and to control. The ego has no core of truth on which to rely. Its compulsion for separation and specialness is to feed its pseudo-worthiness and false sense of security. Our Unified Self trust implicitly that all changes are necessarily beneficial, no matter how uncomfortable they may be initially. It knows it is infinitely safe, secure, and worthy; hence it has no need for our familiar obsession with control and the need to know. It realized that not knowing is really the only place that provides the space to deliver Truth. Universal Intelligence in the form of knowledge is realized in proportion to our release from ego. It is paradox that can only be truly accepted when we plunge into not knowing and now moment awareness; suddenly Truth reveals Itself and Knowledge in the most Infinite context is remembered.

Not knowing is a pre-requisite for True Knowledge because 99.9% of the reality we have believed to be true is not true at all. The following analogy seems to fit this well: quantum physicists have proven that 99.9% of solid matter, e.g. our bodies, furniture, cars, and buildings, is empty space. It is actually oscillating energy and not solid at all! yet we are conditioned to believe the opposite, that we and everything in this universe are solid.

That just about sums up how much we need to unlearn or dis-identify with through the ego-release process. This is not said to cause despondency; it is a Truth that we begin this Undoing journey as largely ignorant and the path is made easier if we openly admit to not knowing. This attitude will reduce much of our resistance, which in turn will diminish our fear and doubt.

(Take Me To Truth, by Nouk Sanchez & Tomas Vieira)
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