“True Meditation is letting go of manipulating our experience.”


Growing into a space of deeper understanding has been an adventure, but at the same time, I'm faced with the concept of not taking myself, my life, or my circumstances too seriously. Life flows, things change, it all comes down to being at peace with impermanence. The more I do this, more freedom is felt, and union with a power larger than myself comes with ease.

I sense it begins with slowing down, accepting what is, and feeling the flow of life. This simple awareness has nothing to do with attaining something, but more about appreciating everything, whatever that may be.

Everyday I've been taking long walks to further the feeling of groundedness, since I have a tendency to be in my head, contemplating many things. I value this time, not only to get my body moving, but to feel the rhythm of life in nature. There's something to being in nature that's pacifying, and dilutes any sense of angst or restlessness. It just feels good. Simply put.

Slowly I've been rounding up students since I've been back, slowly being the operative word. I'm staying true with what I've been taught, but I've learned that isn't always what people want, so I rather take on students who appreciate the tradition and have a sense of reverent commitment. It may not give me the instant gratification of garnering many students, but that's not what it's about, and whether its one or 50, I feel thankful to be able to transmute a little of what I've learned along the way. For lack of a better word it, rocks! What a joy it is.

2 Insightful Comments:

Tiff said...

:-) Yeah I'm pretty sure if you stayed in one place long enough you'd gather a lot of students - no doubt whatsoever! XO

Peaceloveyoga said...

Muah! You're so sweet Tiff!! love u! xo.


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