A.G. Mohan


R. Sharath Jois with A.G. Mohan
photo by gbSk

While practicing at KPJAYI in Mysore, India, my teacher R. Sharath Jois, hosted A.G. Mohan during one of our Sunday conferences. It was an absolute honor to be in the presence of Mr. Mohan along with his stunning wife, Indra. An open discussion, students were able to ask questions, inquiring into his life and relationship with the illustrious, and often fiery, Krishnamycharya, for nearly 20 years.  

Hearing him talk really drove home as to what becomes of a person who adheres to continuous long term practice with sincere devotion. It's a beautiful thing. Both A.G. Mohan and his wife, Indra emanated peace, light and love. I was quite moved, because it was more than the words that were spoken, it was an energy that only my heart could read, but my mind could not.

To learn more visit his website here.

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Khabrilal said...


It was nice to hear about the Yoga guru, but can we have a few elaboration on his thoughts and views on Yoga practice?
The correct way and time of the day to perform yoga


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