Day 5, 6, 7, 8


Day 5, 6, 7, 8. Practice with Peter Sanson. Oooof. It was so hot in the room, and especially hot since I had a later start time. At one point when twisting I gazed over my shoulder and thought I was seeing an apparition. A white cloud of some sort. Is that my aura? Not likely, a closer look, I realized it was actually steam coming off my body. Literally, I was cooking, and I continued to cook for the subsequent days. Oooof. Sizzle. Continuing with my focus and not getting too carried away by the intense heat, like a mantra, I kept telling myself, samsara halahala. Yes, this is why I practice.

It was a great 8 days of practice; 8 days of self-reflection. This is the exciting part. I started the week with Intermediate, per usual, built up to Advanced A, and ended with Primary. I love this cycle established over the week. All postures are really the same. They all translate into one another. What can be learned in the most basic of postures carry hallmarks into the more complicated.

Take care in the smallest of movements, breathing as if it were your last breath. Give attention to everything as if you are tasting something for the first time. There's a boundless amount of depth there. 

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