The Inner Tradition of Yoga


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Writer Yogi said...

I'm really going to have to check him out. I really liked his comment about yoga studios being like empty churches if we don't practice correctly or only focus on the body. Also, he cleared up how to properly go about Drishti. I didn't compltely understand until he broke it down like this. Thanks for the video! :)

Anonymous said...

I read the book this talk is based on, and it really resonated deeply with me and helped me to articulate and relate to the practice of yoga. He's very talented intellectually, spiritually, as a writer and practitioner. I thank you for posting the videos-all of which I've watched by now! He's got a very neat thing going in Toronto, and I'm glad people all over are being exposed to his insight. And, thank you for producing such a lovely and informative blog. I've been practicing Ashtanga for a year, and it's at the center of my life. I just love it, and love reading about other people's experiences. And you have such a lovely practice! I would be proud if my practice ever were to have the grace that yours does.
Take care and be well,


peaceloveyoga said...

Glad you enjoyed it. I did too! He has a gift for communicating many of these concepts with clarity. :))

peaceloveyoga said...

Thank you, Danielle. I'm always pleasantly surprised when someone tells me they like my blog! I haven't read any of Michael Stone's books yet, but they are definitely on my list! Thank you, again.


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