Day Two


Yes. Another AMAZING day in Stockholm! Go on, roll your eyes, but it's true. You just don't understand what it's like to live through a cold and dark winter and to have it turn into this! I relish it. Nothing has made me appreciate Spring more than living through a winter in Stockholm. Nothing. Even growing up in the American Midwest, with all four seasons, and definitely winter. In Sweden, the winter comes early and leaves late. There's something about going through the darkness with a fair amount of grace. At the other side of it, an outpouring of appreciation. It's an expansive feeling.

Today. Day two, practicing with Peter Sanson. Intermediate Series. Everyday is different. Everyday brings new lessons. Another journey, a new insight. Today I felt the synergistic nature of relaxation and fortitude at the same time. The marrying of softness and the energetic power of release. It's interesting playing with these forces, uniting with the energy that presents itself within the body. Even days I feel tired and stiff, I can join with whatever feels blocked, and learn to melt into, to wrap myself around, and give space to what presents itself. There's grace in it all. Nothing stays the same on the outside, and there is more being born than just the physical accomplishment of asana. These invisible attributes cultivate, give solace and a mental clarity and strength, that for me, always comes unexpected.

 Say hello to Nina! 

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