What is Truly Important?


Mysore, India

Remember that nobody is who you think. There is no person walking this Earth that you will ever fully know for you each have a different experience of each other based upon what it is in you that connects or does not connect with the other person. Know this. The truth is that the more you connect to your love and to who you are, the more clearly you will be seen by all. Some will not be able to see this. You will be invisible to them. Trust that. Allow them that. Just be you, unashamedly, and gloriously. You came here to experience being you; and the more you give yourself to the highest heights of that, the more you give change to the world. 
(Lee Harris)

Throughout my journey in this life I have been forced to look honestly at my shortcomings, but sometimes our own shortcomings have a way of being projected onto what we may or may not think are the shortcomings of others. An easy trap to fall into. For when we look to the failings of others it only distracts us from our own work, our own growth. I find it interesting that even in the yoga community we can get stuck on viewing people as right or wrong. Duality consciousness. What I have gathered is it seems that the ego doesn't even care who is right or wrong just as long as we can label others as such and continue the ongoing belief of separation. An illusory comfort that inhibits us from going beyond the material world. 

With all this being said, I am in no way saying I have reached the apex of non-judgment thinking in my day to day life. I'm working on it.  However, whenever rubbed up against thinking this person is right and this person is wrong, as a practice I do my best to investigate further on what is really going on inside. Why do I have to compartmentalize right now? What am I afraid of? Why is this bringing up the need to make someone or something wrong?

The beautiful thing I have learned through this investigation is having the opportunity to have any judgement I held inside to be proven unjustified when I simply get to know someone further, beyond what I may "think" of them. Often I am pleasantly surprised that what I thought was portrayed on the outside or even through the gossip of others that it was usually way off base. 

Separation consciousness is alive and well and can happen anywhere in any community and is something I have had to continually be vigilant in regards to how I look at the outer world. Within myself when I feel the need to make others wrong it only points to the fact that I am disconnected. An unfortunate fact and one that I have to remain conscious of.  

Within all of this, within all the drama that can produce itself in the mind I am reminded by the question, what is truly important?  Beyond right and wrong? Beyond silly criticisms of yoga selfies and who is truly spiritual? Beyond who gets it and who doesn't? The things that deter us from what is important. Where there is judgement there is death. Where there is love there is life. Infinite love is where we are born and where we return to. Why not rest my consciousness in that? There is no force more accepting, more accommodating, more receptive, more forgiving, more healing and it sits in the heart of who we are at our very core. 

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