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I live in yoga clothes. Practice, teach, repeat, practice, teach repeat, and with all that being said I have tried just about everything out there. In the beginning I remember I used to practice in anything that gave free range of movement. Often that meant some type of sweat pants I had lying around. That didn't last long because I would sweat so profusely the bulky fabric would not only soak all my sweat but literally weigh me down because there was no evaporation factor. As I became more serious about daily practice wearing something that hugged the body with no distraction became essential. Breathable fabric, comfortable fit, all that good stuff.

I began to literally live in my yoga clothes when I became a full-time yoga teacher. Now I like to have fun with what I wear. To feel light. To enjoy. To have a bit of fun. Not to take myself too seriously within a quest that at times can feel rather serious, if not arduous. No, clothes don't make the yoga practitioner. We know this already. It really doesn't matter what one wears when they practice just as long as they feel comfortable within themselves. But if you are looking for an alternative to what is out there already, I'd like to recommend Onzie. I just recently tried them out and have to say I'm a satisfied customer. With fun prints, breathable fabrics and quality wear, they bring it all together at an affordable price without skimping on durability.

Some of my favorite pieces include: Elastic Top (So comfortable!), X Back Fitness Top, Racer Top Bra, Capri Pants and Long Leggins.


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